Thursday, November 1, 2007

A hat w/a pattern

A first time patterned hat that I made. Someone had started this project and after the first few rows gave up and passed it on. fortunately with a picture of the finished hat and a pattern to follow. I can't believe it worked! I am so proud of it and my friend Tina gets it for her bday. (I was actually knitting it at the birthday party and made her try on the half-made hat to see if it fit. Fortunately, she's a good sport!) All in all, I was happy with the results and now will try another. For her party I also made a flourless chocolate cake, so rich that a small sliver is plenty. Here's the photo: My two loves: Baking and Knitting!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh oh oh! My Knit 1 Tea 2 Package is here!!!

Today was a gloomy day in Portland, Oregon USA. I did my three WW meetings under duress (only coz it was gloomy) and lo and behold, I'm thinking I have to take a nap when I get home. thought I'd check my email and there was a note from my pal saying the pkg had left Washington State (traveling all the way from Houston, TX!) So I am thinking, maybe it'll come today. I hear the mailman go down our street and I am thinking, maybe just maybe today is the day. IT WAS! And what a delightful day it has turned out to be! I now know my new pal's name. It is Kathy! and each and everything was a pure delight. Not only that, but she had been sending me little things for weeks: "TEA-SERS" so to speak, some tea here, honey sticks there. I have been so spoiled! I kinda didn't want the pkg to come too soon coz it has been so fun anticipating. the only drawback was, I didn't know who to thank for all this largesse. So I open the box *gingerly* making it last. Each item was carefully wrapped in Pink and White with beautiful bows with a note stating the theme of white for the tea and raspberry colors for the jam for my scones. Now keep in mind, there was also a tiny note attached to each beautiful gift. What a labor intensive gift! First off were the beautiful tea coasters in delicate shades of pink and raspberry: so detailed like little miniature Persian rugs! Next the tea-pot shaped cookies! Not only adorable with a capital "A" but delicious buttery lemon flavor.Then the first (!) box of tea: flavor: White Peony, which intrigues me no end. Next the hefty mug, just perfect for an evening cuppa in front of the fire (that is IF I had a fire....) then a muffin cook book! A strainer! A tea ball! Oh Lordy, there's so many things! Then what's this????More cookies? A delicate little sugar cookie. mmmm, so good! Then a lovely jar of raspberry jam, MORE tea, an Earl Grey White (a fabulous dichotomy!) Some pink M&M's (with peanut, no less) then a cute little tea bag holder shaped like a teapot (back atcha Kathy...wait for it) Now as if this wasn't enough, the box held a sweet scent of violets, not just any violets, but from violet candy, but this is the coolest part: the scent is DEVON violets, which as you may know (or may not have, but you do now) my daughter's name, named after not only Devonshire, England, but every time I smell that Devon Violet perfume, I remember being in Devonshire and deciding those many years ago that if I had a daughter, she would be named Devon just for that reason. So there you go, an amazing package from an amazing woman: Thank you so much Kathy! I have truly been spoiled! Rotten! Love it!

Monday, October 8, 2007

First Hats In the Round!

I did it! I did it! I did it! Devon sent me some bamboo needles in the round and lo and behold, they were perfect for this hat pattern. I did the one on the left first, then graduated to the pumpkin hat inventing the "stem" as I went along. So fun! Now I'm working on one that will look like candy corn. Too much fun!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gone Crazy

My original goal was 10 things for Amy. Now, due to unbelieveable response from my Weight Watcher group, my Curves group, other friends and family, I have reset my goal to send 50 things to Amy by the deadline. I have already sent 7 things, soooo, that leaves 43 I need to get together. So far, I have thirty done (of the 43 left) and that means I need to get my needles cracking. I am trying for a scarf every two days, so I think I can beat the deadline with room to spare. Look for the goodies Amy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

More hats for Amy

I can't believe this...along with the donated yarn, I got some more hats from an anonymous donor at my Curves in Multnomah Village. Thank you so much! They will be on there way soon to Amy for WarmUp Winc!

Free Yarn: There's a catch! You have to make something for charity!

Would you love to knit or crochet for a charity but can't really afford the yarn? Wanted: someone to help me tackle all this donated yarn. If you can make a scarf for Amy's project, I will send you FREE YARN. Please leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP to arrange to get the yarn to you. I would like to get these done for Amy right away to beat the deadline. I'll choose the color and surprise you!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Host an exchange student

Check out our newest blog:

This little guy came to live with us several years ago and now goes on all kinds of adventures. If you would like to host Luigi, drop me a line! He LOVES to travel!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Very First Swap!

There was a Sisters' Shoebox Swap link ( on Devon's site that for a lark I joined. I was matched up with Stephanie from South Carolina. The swap was entitled "Refreshment" and it was so fun to buy stuff for Stephanie and Friday, I got a pkg from her.

There was 2 lovely hand crocheted doilies, notecards, yummy smell good sachet and papers, jelly beans, picture frame, a notepad, and a pen from SC and a the coolest thing of all: handmade soap from SC (flavor is apricot and eucalyptus) with a slice of loofah in it! It is so unusual! I'm excited to try it. This is my very first swap and I've so enjoyed getting to know Stephanie. What a sweetie! Thank you, dear heart!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More is MORE

Amy, guess what? I've got a bunch more scarves/hats to send to you for WarmUp Winc! Thanks to my dear friend Ann who made scarves, my s-i-l Connie for the fabulous hats and an anonymous donor of yarn so I could make even more scarves. Check it out! The goodies will be on the way soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life just doesn't get any knitter than this

This was TOO funny! It's been awhile since I posted. why? Well, some lucky Tea Swapper just got her pkg sent and I'm glad that's done, although I had a blast hunting and gathering. I can't wait for her to open it! Wahoo!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The scarf saga: Continued

I made my first ribbon scarf. I was thrilled with the results...until...until...well, until I took a picture and realized that there is a subtle difference in the dye lot. Well, apparently not subtle ENOUGH, since I spotted it in the picture. hahaha joke's on me!
8/13 Addendum to the ribbon yarn story: I went and got a matching dye lot today to try and salvage this project w/o frogging the whole darn thing.. Oy Vey! I have even figured out something to do with the mismatched dye lot part of the scarf w/o throwing it all away. Stay tuned for my brilliant idea...Let's see if it works!
8/15/07 I got the scarf redone and I am so happy. The rest of it (the wrong color) is going to be played with and hopefully it'll work. We'll see....

8/27/07 I redid the scarf and sent it to Devon, my darling daughter over at Maybe I can sweet talk her into posting a pic of her modeling it. It was fun...stay tuned though, the piece I cut off is going to be something else.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Felting 101

Another project I am happy with: A felted tea cozy...maybe my Knit 1 Tea 2 buddy will get this one or one similar to it. This was a lot of fun and I learned a lot!

First Project: Done!

Has it only been about a month since I started knitting? I finally completed my very first project I ever knitted. It will soon be on its way to Amy along with 6 more scarves. I would have finished it a whole lot sooner, but I kept getting sidetracked making other things. I gotta say: I am proud!

A Plethora of Scarves

All I can say is WOW. Cousin Janie was put to work guessed it: Scarves for Amy's project. What better kind of visit is there? Knittin' and Gossipin'. We had a ball! CeCe is modeling our handiwork and these will be sent off to Amy this week. What a blast. Janie, you rock! Thank you so much!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Son In Law surprises us

Our son-in-law Jason (Devon's hubby) was in Oregon helping his folks when he surprised us with a pop in visit. We we thrilled to see him, even though we knew he was coming home to see his folks, we knew we wouldn't get to see him as he was going to be a couple of hours from Portland. So there he was on our door step. We were so happy! I also talked hime into taking home a big ball of yarn for Devon! hahaha
We got a picture with our other son-in-law Rob, daughter Vicki (parents of the beautiful girls: Kaylynn 7, Kira 4, Camryn 20 mos) CeCe, Arielle, and son Aaron and you see Roni and Steve...the man who puts up with all my knitting foibles. Gotta love him! Wow! What a great night!

The Knittin' Gals

We have had our cousins Stu and Janie visit from California and when I found out Janie (in the middle) knits, well, I put her to work knitting for Amy's Warm Up Winc project. The sweetie pie on the right is CeCe my 16 yo, who is learning to crochet and me on the left, knitting up a storm.'re gonna get a ton of scarves! We're having a ball!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Knit 1 Tea 2 Swap Questions

Knit 1 Tea 2 Color Swap Questionnaire
Do you like loose tea or bags, or both – something you want to try? Both are okay, but the bag is a preference. (see accessory question below)
What is your favorite kind of tea (Brand, flavor, variety, etc)? I like fruit infused teas, but not the overpowering kind. I fell in love with tea in England.Just plain old Tetley's: but I think every dog has its day and every tea should too! Favorite color in regards to tea or one you would like to try? (black, green, red, and white) (keeping in mind that this is how this swap is set up). I like the white teas but really have no preference. I enjoy just about all of them: herbal/"real" teas/tisanes Would you say you were a tea pot kind of person or just a hot water heater kind? I am not picky, although I tend to make a pot with a crowd and a single for myself alone.What tea accessories would you like but have never purchases for yourself?
I keep losing tea ball strainers! I'm tired of buying them. (Actually, my kids empty the dish rack and they hide them from me to make me nuts!) How do you prefer to be pampered? (examples: mani/pedi, bubble bath, yummy treat, etc). Hands Down: a Massage (Hey, I made a great pun!) If you were a kind of yarn what would you be and why? I would be cotton. It's basic, honest, what you see is what you get, and like me, it wrinkles when you wash it. But as it ages it gets a lovely soft quality that just acreams homey! No pretensions, just warmth. If you had to knit/crochet baby booties, a fun fur scarf, or a fair isle sweater, which would you choose and why? I am intimidated by the sweater, but someday I will tackle it. I think I would do booties next (never attempted but would like to try)
What other event would make you skip a tea party? (A garden party? A book club meeting? A yoga class? Opening night for a new action thriller? etc?) A date with my hubby. I would rather be with him in any venue. What treat would you consider essential at your tea party? (Sweet? Salty? Scones? Those petite pastry trays with a couple of all sorts of things? Little crust less sandwiches?) I like itty-bitty sandwiches/scones (but only with Devonshire Cream!)any little thing that's petite. I just think it screams tea party.
When buying yarn for a project how do you choose - do you buy the one called for or do you substitute? I buy the one I like.
What do you carry your knitting/crocheting in when on the go? A tote bag/a grocery bag/my husband's pocket Favorite movie to watch while knitting/crocheting? Girly one
Are you a traditional tea cup kind of person or a mug type of person? Do you care if they match? A mug. Something substantial when I am by myself, but I bring out the china when I have a tea party!
Favorite childhood birthday party? I don't remember having any special parties growing up so I went all out with my own kids. I gave my kids totally creative parties from Cowboy/girl/mystery/scavenger/circus parties. One daughter mentioned her favorite was the giant ice cream sundae where everyone brought their own toppings. I personally always loved giving tea parties and with 3 daughters, they all had at least one!
Favorite type of scone and jam? Lemon/poppy seed with raspberry jam
If you use candles, what is your favorite scent? Lemon/herbal/grassy
If you could choose 3 people to have 'tea' with, who would they be and why? (famous or not, living or dead). My daughters (and son) because I adore them(oops that's four, but I'll give you two more: Katharine Hepburn: I thought she epitomized a real woman: she never backed down, she could hold her own but never lost her feminine touch. Eleanor Roosevelt, for pretty much the same reason. This is a woman who should have been the first woman president. I admire her so very much: For all she did for the common people. In my book no other first lady was so influential.You've been invited to a tea party, what 'props' will you wear (formal or casual)?
I wanna play dress up!

Any allergies/preferences you have or are willing to admit to? Allergic to mean people: I prefer they just go away!
Anything we missed that you want your pal to know? A good cuppa will take away the crankies!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Scarfin' it Up

Still working feverishly on the multicolored scarf (officially 60% done)for Amy's project (see earlier post with link) but I took a little break to crochet another. Since crossing over the Knitting threshold, I thought I had forgotten how to crochet, but it came back to me, just like ridin' a bike(!) and thought I'd whip out a pretty little soft-as- butter chenille scarf for the Warm Up project. Best thing about crochet: It is fast. Worst thing about crochet: It distracts me from knitting!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Scarfin' it down

The scarf(for Amy's project{see link on other post} continues to grow! Wahoo. This was the very first project I started knitting and for some completely UNKNOWN reason, it is taking a LONG time. (Could it be because I seem to be knitting many other projects in between???? Duh.) I did finally go to the Yarn shop y'day and now that I can find my way around the yarn shop (oh yeah, I am "in the know" now!) I got to shop a bit while picking up that colorful yarn to finish the project and I saw this kit that intrigued me. It was a pattern for a silky scarf with beads knitted all over it. It was gorgeous. Fly in the ointment: I had my adorable 12 yo son with me and he had to uhm, USE THE FACILITIES,(when ya gotta go, ya gotta go) so I couldn't eye it in detail. (they had a sample done up) I now need to go back to check it out so I can figure out the pattern if it's doable for a neophyte like me. Anyone seen anything like that? Or done it so you pave the way?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Needle Dee and Needle Dum

I am now making a beautiful pink mohair/black metallic yarn scarf for my sister-in-law's bday. It reminds me of a poodle skirt. Now most of you younger knitters have no clue what a poodle skirt is, but can I hear an AMEN from those in the know??Now here's the thing: I went to Goodwill and found this stunning yarn and I bought a ship-load and it will take me FOREVER to use it and there are just so many thingies you can make for people with the same yarn SOOOO deep breath here: I would like to give some away, share the wealth, etc. How to do this? If you would like some of this stunning yarn (I have more black than pink mohair) I will send you some if you are willing to do this: If you promise to will make an item for Amy's project* (doesn't have to be with this yarn) you'll get a ball of the black or pink. (I also have a sweet dark teal loop yarn that I can send you.) This is on the honor system, but I'd like to see Amy's project go far beyond her expectations. Just post a comment to this and we'll figure out how to get it to you. *

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh Yarn Oh Yarn where have you been?

I officially changed my blog name: It is now Knith Degree, because I CAN'T STOP KNITTING. I went on vacation with 7 beginner knitting books, I made 5 projects, ripped out and repaired a hat 5 or more times, and finally got the pattern right thanks to my darling daughter Devon's Phone-A-Knitter Hotline. Yay! It worked on the 6th take. I am running out of yarn now. There is little time left. I must get up early and go to the yarn shop and be on her doorstop at opening time. Actually, I think I will go there and sleep on the doorstep tonight. Must pack pillow, blankie, books, and of course the last of my yarn for knitting.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sold my soul to the knitting gods

OH MY GOSH! I love knitting. I am hooked. Since my last post, a)I have been working on my scarf for Amy, b) found some baby yarn in my stash and started a baby hat I saw on Knitty Gritty (DIY)The funny thing is this: working it on my makeshift chopstick "needles" c) today bought several sizes of needles and yarn. lots. bunches. d) started on a project for Devon and Jason's anniversary (muddling through anyway) e) went to the library and got 14 beginner knitting books and f) got my 12 yo son hooked on it as well (he is doing a simple belt project) Why haven't I done this before? How could I have not discovered this before? My arthritis makes it a little difficult to do this and I pay for my 5 hour sessions with stiff hands and fingers, but what the hey! It is worth every single painful moment to create something out of nothing. Thank you Devon for encouraging me to do this. Can't wait to find a class to help me along. I am muddling through the books as I try each new project. So here's my very first baby hat project for my BF Deb's first grandbaby due in Sept. Maybe I'll even get it done in time, then I'll start another for Amy's Warm Up project. Wahoo!

Notice the progress on the scarf @ right!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Knith Degree

I consider myself somewhat literate, so I am thinking why the heck can't I teach myself to knit? Today I went to the yarn store in Tigard and asked the nice lady did she have a book 'Knitting For Idiots' ? I think I offended her. I meant that I was the idiot. Anyhoo, she helped me find a beginning book, some nice wool/acrylic ball of yarn, some needles and I was on my way! I HAD to make a scarf for Amy's Warm Up project and I am tired of saying "I don't knit" and get those sympathetic looks (you know the ones I mean) so here is my first muddle through simple garter stitch project. (that cast on learning curve was a bitch.) I'm on my way!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

TV or Not TV?

We made a huge step this past week: giving up essentially all TV. My husband threw down the gauntlet when we got into a tiff errrr DISCUSSION about too much time on the computer vs too much time watching TV. He made the silly claim that I was hooked. hahahaha I CAN QUIT ANY TIME sez I. He laughs. So, I did: Cold Turkey. I usually watch the 5 pm news, then the 10 pm news and a couple of programs in between. (Okay maybe, just maybe, 3 hours a night was excessive) So bye-bye news. Bye-Bye cable. Bye-Bye DVR (which records all my myriad programs) It's been about a week: Miss it? Kinda. However it is strangely thrilling. Now I may pick up my Desperate Housewives in the fall again. And this doesn't preclude renting movies. I love movies, and that I won't give up. But the day to day stuff: Kinda cool letting go. I am going to read more books. (I actually read one a day as it is, but now it might turn into 2 a day!) I like the quiet. Get out the Scrabble board Mavis! Fortunately, I have never watched daytime TV, so that was easy giving up, but I guess that's a little like saying I don't use crack during the day, only the night time so it's okay. Oh well. I may fall into the "I no longer know what you're talking about in pop culture w/o my TV shows...." category, but at least I feel in control. Sorta. Kinda. I'll let you know how it goes. (This could be a good time to get that "Knitting for Dummies" book...)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Arielle is home from Germany!

My 18 yr old got home tonight from spending the last year in Germany. Oh it was so good to lay eyes on her. So we're all at the airport waiting...waiting...then she suddenly appears, hugs all around, and oops! what's this? She has a new nose stud! She told me her sister Devon got it for her for her 18th birthday. What happened to cake and ice cream? Just kidding! It's pretty cute. It's funny, when they turn 18, things like that are no big deal. When I was about that age I got 2 piercings in each ear. Then a guy friend and I were in San Francisco and he wanted one ear pierced and we go into a shop and ask the nice Asian woman "How much for one ear?" She replies " Same price!!!One or two holes!!!!" Of course we are both total cheapskates trying to save a buck, so I said "Fine, I'll take his other hole!" and it totally scandalized my mother that I got not one but 2&3 holes! The bittersweet part is a few years after that my friend and his partner were lost at sea and I still think of him when I wear that third earring. Miss you guys Steve and Jon. Still think you might turn up on some exotic island in the Pacific. Devon's middle name is Marisa, for the goddess of the Sea, Maris. That's for you guys...wish you were here RIP 1979

Global Warming

My daughter, knitter extraordinaire, Devon had a link on her blog for a terrific project. I would love to see her friend Amy fulfill her hope of getting hats, scarves, mittens in time for the winter weather. She has a modest goal of 100 items, I think she could get 10 times that. Please read about it on her blog:
Then get your needles out and go for it. I think it would be extra cool to send care packages from the NW to Virginia, a little Global Warming in a good way! Thanks!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Caution:Old Lady Posting

My daughter, the knitter, pastry chef, and all around cool chick, has a knitter's blog and by all accounts it is quite interesting. Why anyone would read or care to read MY blog, I would have no idea. I am pretty sure that I lead a pretty mundane life but never know. After 50 plus years on the planet, travels and travails, maybe just maybe, you could identify with some things. I have been a mom for over 26 years, four times over and have had all my babies at home. that's right: Midwife and no meds, the ONLY way to give birth, if you can. Been married twice (eek! NEVER wanted to be a divorcee, but there ya go) and the second time around has been amazing. Sooooo, if 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30, and 30 is, well you get the picture...well then, by this measure, I am about 10 years old. (acting that is, not looking)